Vladimir State University

named after Alexander and Nikolay Stoletovs

Pedagogical Institute

Faculty of Philology



Welcomes foreign students to apply for bachelor and masters program


Bachelor degree
«Russian as a foreign language»

(44.3.1 «Pedagogical Education»)
Degree – bachelor.
Program duration: intramural – 4 years
Cost of study per year – 63 320 rubles (in 2013-2014 school year)
Admission tests: Russian Language,
Literature, Social Studies.


In order to enter the bachelor program «Russian as a foreign language» you can get you Russian language skills certificate at the Testing Center, also you can go through pre-university studying program at the Preparatory Department (2 semesters long).

The graduates will be able to work as teachers of Russian as a second language at different education levels, at the schools, companies and organizations that are specialized in international work and relations, at editorial offices, publishing houses and other organizations, that are related to analysis and processing international information, international advertisement, also traveling companies, that are providing international tourism and information.


Masters degree
«Russian as a foreign language»

(44.004.01 «Pedagogical Education»)
Degree – master.
Program duration: intramural – 2 years
Cost of study per year – 74 330 rubles (in 2013-2014 school year)
Admission tests: pedagogics.


This program is designed for foreign students, who have a bachelor or specialist degree of Russian or foreign University. Citizens of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan have a right to apply to the budget (free) form of studying along with Russia citizens.


The Masters program provides a higher level of linguistic competence and forming science priorities in philology, including studying based on the functional aspect of all language levels (phonetics, word-formation, vocabulary and grammar), theory and methods of different teaching aspects of Russian as second language, cultural studies, Russian literature, practical Russian language.


Studying at the Faculty of Philology is your opportunity
•    to get a high quality education: there are experienced professors working, all with PhD or Master degrees;
•    to live in the University dorms, participate in the research and cultural life of the VSU:
•    to be absorbed in language environment, and get to know history and culture of Russia (Vladimir as a part of the «Golden Ring» of Russia and former Russian capital is proud of few unique buildings of 12th century; at the distance of 30 km there is a museum-town of Suzdal: it's only 180 km to Moscow)
- to find a job in your home town, Vladimir or Moscow (our graduates work as Russian language teachers, translators, officials in foreign offices of their countries).


International Education Center of VlSU
600000, РФ, г. Владимир, ул. Белоконской, д. 5
(building № 2 of VlSU), office#509 (5th floor),
Phone: +7 (4922) 47-98-83, 47-97-79
E-mail: interc.dpt@gmail.com, prorms@vlsu.ru


Faculty of Philology
ул. Никитская, д.1 (building № 8 of VlSU), office#10 (1st floor),
Phone: +7 (4922) 32-35-35
E-mail: vladphilolog@yandex.ru, phil.vlsu@mail.ru, vladlingvist@yadex.ru

Web: phil.vlsu.ru